6th annual Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe

Presented by FEANTSA & the Foundation Abbé Pierre

Thursday 6 May – 14:00-16:00 (CET) on Zoom

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On Thursday 6th May FEANTSA & the Foundation Abbé Pierre will present their 6th annual Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe.

Growing housing exclusion and unemployment: youth at serious risk!

Young people are most likely to experience housing exclusion as a result of the pandemic. The continued increase of rents in tensed housing markets and the disappearance of industries young people work in have prevented them from securing a decent income. As the pandemic continues their situation further deteriorated with their housing situation becoming insecure.
A rapidly increasing part of the young population is not able to afford rent anymore and some are even struggling to pay for food. Many young people have no other choice than to move back in with their parents, when this is an available option for them. European youth is at serious risk.

The 6th Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe focuses on young people’s living conditions and calls the European Union and Member States for immediate intervention to secure their future.

Stemming the rising poverty tide is more urgent than ever. The current pandemic will produce more poverty and homelessness if no drastic measure are taken. 

It is unclear if the measures in place to protect the most vulnerable during the pandemic will be continued and how they can be repealed without causing social havoc in the transition back to “normal”. Many Member States are struggling to come up with the right long-term solutions to prevent already vulnerable people from falling into severe housing exclusion and homelessness. It is clear that the homeless shelter sector is already under huge pressure in most EU Member States and will not be able to absorb another surge in homelessness. Action at European, national and local level is urgent to curb the trend of rising homelessness.

Gathering civil society, European institutions and policy makers, this launching webinar will be an opportunity to discuss the scope of European Union’s future action, which needs to be sufficiently ambitious to effectively face the current challenges.

Find the detailed program and practicalities on the registrations webpage. The webinar will be available in English & French.

Draft Programme:

2:00 - 2:15 – Introductory words by Ana Mendes Godinho (Portugal's Minister of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security)

2:15 – 2:45 - Highlights from the report by Chloé Serme-Morin & Sarah Coupechoux (Coordinators of the report - FEANTSA & Fondation Abbé Pierre)

2:45 – 3:00 – Q&A session

3:00 - 3:30 - Youth housing exclusion and covid-19: feedback from Trieste, Italy (Marco Aliotta, Head of Project Unit and Poverty Observatory and Katarina Modic, Head of Accommodation Unit – Caritas Trieste)

3:30 - 3:45 - The future European Platform on Combating Homelessness: role & challenges ahead, by Yves Leterme (former Prime Minister of Belgium currently mandated by Commissioner Schmit to help develop the Platform)

3:45 - 4:00 - Conclusion by Manuel Domergue (Director of Research, Fondation Abbé Pierre)