People experiencing homelessness are extremely vulnerable in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important that targeted and effective vaccination strategies ensure equitable access to vaccines for the most vulnerable. 

FEANTSA held a webinar on 27 April 10h - 11h30 to learn about examples of COVID-19 vaccination campaigns for people experiencing homelessness across Europe. 

The aim of the webinar was to share experience in drawing up vaccination campaign plans and lessons learnt about vaccination delivered so far for people experiencing homelessness. Presentations are available in the download section of this webpage.

Thank you for our excellent speakers!

Stéphanie Vandentorren and Jalpa Shah, French National Public Health Agency

Istvan Dandé and Magor Papp, BMSZKI Budapest Methodological Centre of Social Policy and Its Institutions

Marian Ursan, Carusel Association, Romania

Henrik Thiesen, Health Team for Homeless, Copenhagen City Social Services, Denmark

Dr Austin O Carroll, Clinical Lead for the Covid Homeless Response, Dublin, Ireland

We are collecting evidence on how vaccine delivery happens for homeless people, if you have a case study, please share with us 

For more information about prioritising homeless people in vaccination strategies, read FEANTSA's statement, here.