ESF+ Capacity Buidling
ESF+ Capacity Building: How to influence EU funds used for the Youth Guarantee and for combatting youth homelessness

Presentation from Michele Calandrino, European Commission

Presentation from William Hayward, European Youth Forum

Presentation from Reka Tunyogi, FEANTSA

Presentation from Lisa O'Brien, Focus Ireland

Presentation from Hugh Russell, LLamau

Presentation from Tom Greant, Make It Work

Background to the European Social Fund

The European Social Fund+ (ESF) comprises a fund of approximately EUR88billion that is to be used between 2021-2027.

The prioritises for the ESF+ include investing in young people and supporting the most vulnerable. For countries where young people not in education, employment or training (NEETS) exceeds the 2017-2019 European average there will be a requirement to use a minimum of 12.5% of their countries’ allocation of the funds towards investing in young people - in particular in the context of implementing Youth Guarantee schemes.

These countries include Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain.

Influencing EU Funds for Youth Homelessness in Your Country

The European Union has reached a political agreement for the funds and are currently in the process of adopting the regulation that will bring the funds into force. However in 2021 each member state must put together their national programmes for ESF+. These are generally agreed by the Ministry for Social Protection, Social Welfare or Labour. While there is no specific deadline for these programmes to be submitted to the European Commission, they are expected to be submitted by the end of the summer, countries cannot use the funds without their programmes. These national programmes will specify how your country will distribute the funds between 2021-2027, if youth homelessness is not included as a priority for investing in youth it will restrict use of the funds in the coming years.

This training aims to:

  1. Promote an understanding about the ESF+ and Youth Guarantee
  2. Provide a practical framework and tips on how to lobby the ESF+ process in your country.
  3. Share inspirational practices which could be funded under the Youth Guarantee in your country.
  4. Share challenges your organisation might face in the weeks and months ahead around influencing the ESF+ programmes so FEANTSA and the Youth Forum can provide additional resources and supports where relevant.

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