Breakfast Bites - Morning Webinar Series

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic many of our members and network are scaling back their services and asking some of their team to work remotely where possible.

In this uncertain time FEANTSA has started a weekly webinar series that aims to connect professionals from across the homeless sector in Europe together to further our joint mission of preventing and ending homelessness.  In the coming weeks we'll run a short webinar every Wednesday morning at 9.30 GMT, 10.30 CET & 11.30 EET.

If you are interested in sharing a practice, service intervention or a policy development from your service, we'd love to hear from you. You can get in touch with Robbie, and we can organise your participation to lead a webinar.

Webinar Archives

Building Trusting Relationships with Clients, Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk

How do we build trusting relationships with the people we work with it. Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk is an expert on attachement theory and how we create connections. Attachment and bonding is the foundation for addressing many of the complex needs people experiencing homelessness encounter. 

Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk is a research scientist with a focus on our capacity from a young age to connect, She works internationally with organisations who are keen to think more deeply about fostering connection, compassion and resilience and believes relationships matter – as much for human brains as for human hearts.

Suzanne joined us  to look at the importance of healthy attachment and the spin off it can have on establishing trusting relationships in later life for ourselves and our clients.

You can watch back the webinar below and access Suzanne's presentation here.

Gambling & Homelessness with Paul Anderson, Fast Forward,

In this webinar Paul Anderson from Fast Forward discusses the links between gambling and homelessness. Paul talks about how frontline workers supporting people experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness can identify behaviours linked to problematic gambling, the impact these behaviours can have and how to intervene and support people.

The webinar recording will be made available soon


Responding to Covid19 with Dr. Al Story, UK

In this webinar we are joined by Dr. Al Story, who runs the London-wide NHS response for rough sleepers with TB who has set up a facility in London hotel to treat people experiencing homelessness who contract Covid19. The service is run jointly with MSF and has been operating for the past month. In this webinar Al will share insights on how this services works and treats people experiencing homelessness.

You can watch back the webinar below or find the presentation here.

Self Harm & Covid19 with Torin Forest, Edinburgh Self-Harm Project, Scotland, 3 June 2020

Self harm is a nuanced and complex topic, and in this webinar cover some key points. We explore what we mean when we talk about self harm, aiming to broaden our understanding of what we consider self harming behaviour. We will also seek to understand why people self harm, and who does this. And finally, we will look at some tips and guidance on how to practically support people who self harm. The webinar is led by a Peer Recovery Worker from the Edinburgh Self Harm Project, who has lived experience of self harm and recovery, and works with people who self harm.

Click here for the presentation, tips for limiting self harm and the distractions leaflet mentioned during the webinar. There is no recording for this webinar.

Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Stress & Covid19 with Harriet Parsons, Body Whys, Ireland

In this webinar Harriet Parsons from Body Whys discusses how Covid19 and the stress and anxiety of living during a pandemic impacts on people with eating disorders and how homeless services can respond in supporting their clients.

You can watch the video back below and click here for Harriet's presentation.

Supporting Resilience in Clients and Ourselves during Covid 19 with Chris Johnstone, College of Wellbeing, Scotland

Join Chris Johnstone from the College of Wellbeing for our webinar on how workers in the homeless sector can develop their own resilience and the resilience of their clients through self care. This webinar will focus on tips on the dual benefits of practicing self care and supporting client care.

You can watch the video back below and click here for Chris' presentation.

Focused Oriented Art Therapy with Emma Wilkinson, Rock Trust, Scotland

Covid-19 has created a lot of difficulties, stress and anxiety for people experiencing homelessness and workers . This webinar looked at how Art Therapy can support self care. Mindfulness therapist, Emma Wilkinson, uses focused meditation for self care to increase the ability to be present and actively listen to clients. During this difficult time it can be hard to stay focused on the people we work with when our own concerns for our family, friends, and health are present. This webinar will use Laury Rappaport's meditation designed to help increase self awareness and the ability to put aside our distractions temporarily in order to be there for others.

You can watch the video below and click here for Emma's presentation

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse During COVID-19 Lockdown with Stuart Allardyce, Stop it Now!, Scotland

This webinar was led by Stuart Allardyce, a social worker specialized as a practitioner and manager is working with sex offenders as well as children affected by abuse and is the Director of Stop it Now! Stuart discussed the threats for children at home during Covid19 and what professionals can do to protect and support children and young people and signposting key resources.

You can watch the webinar back below and click here for the presentation from Stuart, including links to the resources mentioned during his presentation.

Domestic abuse & sexual violence guidance for homeless services during the COVID outbreak with Catherine Glew, St.Mungos & Louisa Steele, Standing Together

This webinar was led by Standing Together & St. Mungo's in the UK, presenting their guidelines for how homeless services can respond to domestic abuse and sexual violence during the Covid 19 pandemic. The webinar talks about how services can identify and protect people who are experiencing domestic abuse and sexual violence.

You can watch back the webinar below and click here for the presentation from Cat and Louisa.

How to Eat an Elephant - Problem Solving Skills with Sharon Gurr, Rock Trust

For many of us life throws us challenges that can sometimes appear to be so big that we feel overwhelmed and even crippling. With the right support and skills we can start to work our way through these problems while building our confidence and developing our life skills. In this webinar Sharon Gurr from the Rock Trust will share her tips for frontline workers can support the people they work with.

You can watch back the webinar below and access Sharon Gurr's presentation here.


Truama Informed Tips During Covid19 with Dr. Ray Middleton, Fulfilling Lives, England

Dr Ray Middleton, Workforce development Lead at Fulfilling Lives in the North-East of England will be talking about five trauma-informed tips that can help guide frontline homeless staff during the coronavirus. This will cover what Trauma is, the diversity and difference in trauma responses amongst staff and people without a home, the concept of “Social Resilience” and why that is important to hold in mind, the value of self-care to avoid burnout and five principles from trauma-informed care that can be applied as our practice changes in line with public health advice across Europe.

You can watch back the webinar below and access Dr. Ray Middelton's Powerpoint here.


Motivational Interviewing with Sharon Gurr, Rock Trust, Scotland

You can watch back the webinar and access the presentation below or click here for Sharon Gurr's Presentation.

Framework for Defining Youth Homelessness with Robbie Stakelum

FEANTSA has recently published our Framework for Defining Youth Homelessness, a resources services and policy makers can use to capture the needs and profiles of youth homelessness to build a common understanding of what is meant by youth homelessness and develop policies and services that can help prevent and end youth homelessness.

You can watch back the webinar here and access the PowerPoint Presentation here:

You can find Robbie's presentation here.

Catching the Bullet - Self Care for Frontline Workers with Sharon Gurr, Rock Trust, Scotland

In this week's Breakfast Bites webinar we welcome back Sharon Gurr for a session on self care for frontline workers exploring the importance of self care to ensure that you remain objective and non-judgemental in frontline work.

You can watch back the webinar below and access Sharon Gurr's presentation here.

You can find Sharon's presentation here.