Seminar on LGBTIQ Homelessness

14.00 - 17.00, 30 May 2019,

Holiday Inn, Rua Diogo Macedo, 220, Vila Nova de Gaia, 4400-107, Portugal 


On 30 May 2019 FEANTSA will host a training on LGBTIQ homelessness attached to our annual conference. The seminar examines:

  1. The need for change: To understand how and why existing mainstream services need to improve how they work with vulnerable LGBTIQ youth to prevent them from experiencing homelessness.
  2. How to change: To raise awareness of existing tools, resources and strategies that can be used to create a more aware, sensitive and inclusive service.
  3. Partners for change: To not only become aware of the role of homeless services, but how to partner with the wider LGBTIQ sector and other services to prevent homelessness and support LGBTIQ out of homelessness.

The training will explore the unique needs of the LGBTIQ population and examine how homeless services can best respond to these needs. During the seminar participants will hear from leading international experts on the topic of LGBTIQ homelessness including Gregory Lewis and Dr. Jama Shelton from True Colour United in the United States and Dr. Alex Abramovich from Canada. We will also hear from existing services in Europe including Le Refuge in France who provide a dedicated service to LGBTIQ youth experiencing homelessness & the Rock Trust in Scotland who are evaluating how best their service can support vulnearble LGBTIQ youth. Focus Ireland and University College Dublin will present a research project they are conducting on the experiences of LGBTIQ people experiencing homelessness in Ireland. The seminar will also be attended by LGBT Youth Scotland and the Slovenian Pride Assocation who will demonstrate ways the homeless sector can partner with LGBTIQ support services. 

This training is part of our conference program. You can register for the conference here. 

Click here for more information and a draft agenda for the seminar. 

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