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Date: 21 September 2018
Theme: Social and Economic Integration of Homeless People
Location: Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Full Programme (English)

FEANTSA’s European Observatory on Homelessness, the Metropolitan Research Institute Budapest and Shelter Foundation Budapest are pleased to announce the 13th Annual European Research Conference on Homelessness in Budapest entitled Social and Economic Integration of Homeless People. The purpose of this research conference is to explore evidence on levels of and opportunities for social and economic integration of homeless people in Europe and elsewhere. The conference invites presentations on policies and practices in relation to social integration and labour market participation of homeless people across Europe. Similarly to previous years, the conference will also include open sessions on the broad theme of ‘homelessness and housing exclusion’ from across Europe and elsewhere. Early career researchers are also invited to present their research activities.

Programme Overview

Seminar Abstracts & Speaker Bios

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Seminar Session 1

Seminar 1: Participation and Homelessness (I)
Christian Stark, AT: Possibilities and Limitations of Participation of Homeless People as Services Users in Austria
Daniel Hoey, Paul Haughan, Emma Richardson, Kathleena Twomey and Sarah Sheridan, IE: The Value of Peer Research Involvement in Monitoring and Evaluation: Reflections from a Collaborative Process

Seminar 2: Encountering Homelessness: Ethnography, Engagement and Critique
Daniela Leonardi, IT: What Happens When Politics Meets Reality? The Importance of the Street Level Bureaucracy Approach 
Michele Lancione, UK: The Politics of Embodied Urban Precarity. Roma People and the Fight for Housing in Bucharest, Romania
Lindsey McCarty, UK: Homeless Women, Material Objects and Home (Un)making
Emily Ballin, UK: ‘I Don’t Go There, It’s Full of Smack Heads’. Influences on Centre Use and Inclusion of a Homeless Day Centre 

Seminar 3: Integrated Housing and Labour Market Service Delivery in CEE
Eszter Somogyi and Hanna Szemzo, HU: How Does the Social Rental Enterprise Model Fit the New Social Housing Policy in the New Member States?
Márton Csillag, HU: Methodology of Outcome Measurement and the First Experimental Results of the HomeLab 
Panel Discussion with HomeLab Pilot Implementers from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary ? László Moravcsik, Nikola Taragoš, Martin Vavrin?ík, Magda Ruszkowska?Cie?lak, and Vera Kovács

Seminar 4: Economic Integration of Homeless People
Roberto Bernad, Roberta Pascucci, Caterina Cortese and Viola Stakelenburg, ES/IT/NL: Spaces of Social Integration for Homeless People in Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands 
Joanne Bretherton and Nicholas Pleace, UK: Is Employment a Route out of Homelessness? A Critical Review of Education, Training and Employment Services for Homeless Women and Men

Seminar 5: Family Homelessness
Sarah Parker and Paula Mayock, IE: Understanding Patterns of Family Homelessness: The Case for a Mixed Methods Approach
Pip Johnson, UK: Expecting Too Much? Welfare Reform and Social Integration of Homeless Single Mothers in the UK 
Sharon Lambert, Owen Jump and Daniel O Callaghan, IE: New Family Formations 

Seminar 6: Informing Homeless Services by Data
Holly Morrin, IE: Using Administrative Data to Inform Operational and PolicyDevelopments Relating to Family Homelessness in the Dublin Region
Hannah Browne Gott, UK: Housing Rights, Homelessness Prevention and a Paradox of Bureaucracy? 

Seminar Session 2

Seminar 7: Closing the Front Door. International Research on the Prevention of Homelessness
Stephen Gaetz and Melanie Redman, CA: Using Research and Evidence to Support “Making the Shift” in How We Respond to Youth Homelessness
Peter K. Mackie, UK: Homelessness Prevention: Reflecting on a Year of Pioneering Welsh Legislation in Practice 
Daniel C. Farrell, USA: Eviction and Homeless Prevention: Curating Critically Timed Choice Sets to Prevent Homelessness 
David MacKenzie, AU: The Geelong Project: Preventing Youth Homelessness Through a ‘Collective Impact’ Reform of How Services and Schools Support Vulnerable Students 

Seminar 8: Participation and Homelessness (II)
Miranda Rutenfrans-Stupar, Tine van Regenmortel and René Schalk, NL/BE/South Africa: Evaluation of Growth Through Participation: an Intervention for Homeless People
Marcus Knutagard and Arne Kristiansen, SE: Co-production for Improving Social Housing Programmes 

Seminar 9: Housing Policy Failure
Felicity Reynolds and Cameron Parsell, AU: Showers, Sustenance and Sleeping Bags: The Acceptance of Street Homelessness in the Context of Housing Policy Failure 
Sten?Ake Stenberg, SE: The Concealed Social Margin of the Housing Market 

Seminar 10: Social and Financial Advantages of Housing First
Štepán Ripka, Eliška ?erná, Petr Kubala, CZ: Randomized Control Trial of Housing First for Families: 12 Months Impacts
Gábor Csomor, SK: Comparing the Costs of Homelessness and Supported Housing in Bratislava

Seminar 11: Social and Housing Integration of Homeless People
Maarten Davelaar, Aly Gruppen, Jeroen Knevel, Lia van Doorn, NL: Good Neighbours: the Contribution of Innovative Mixed Housing Projects to the Social Integration of Homeless People in the Netherlands
Katy Jones, Anya Ahmed, Andrea Gibbons, Iolo Madoc?Jones, Michaela Rogers, Mark Wilding, UK: Working and Homeless in Wales: Exploring the Interaction of Housing and Labour Market Insecurity

Seminar 12: Health and Homelessness
Zsuzsa Rákosy and Blanka Szeitl, HU: Health Problems and Health Behaviour of the Hungarian Homeless Population
Lars Benjaminsen, DK: Explaining Excess Morbidity amongst Homeless Shelter Users: A Multivariate Analysis for the Danish Adult Population 


Seminar Session 3

Seminar 13: Social Integration and Housing First
Jordi Sancho, Marta Llobet, Jezabel Cartoixà and Adela Boixadós, ES: Analysis of the Social and Individual Dimensions of Recovery in a Housing First Project
Rachel Manning, Ronni Greenwood, Branagh O’Shaughnessy and Jose Ornelas, IE/PT: Understanding the Experiences of Homeless People: A Study of Housing First & Continuum of Care Services in Europe 

Seminar 14: Women and Homelessness
Boróka Fehér, Ivetta Kovács, HU: Homeless Women in Hungary
Magdalena Mostowska and Katarzyna Debska, PL: Gendered Management of Family Housing Resources and Women’s Homelessness in Poland

Seminar 15: Homeless Policies
Fiorella Ciapessoni Capandeguy and Ignacio Eissmann Araya, Chile/UK: Social Policies for Homeless in Latin America: A Comparative Analysis Chile ? Uruguay
Marie Leruste and Marie Lanzaro, FR: Social and Economic Integration of Homeless People 
Marta Gaboardi, Irene Geraci, Francesco Papa, Laura Ruggeri, Michela Lenzi & Massimo Santinello, IT: Integration of Homeless People: What Do We Mean? 

Seminar 16: Towards Ending Street Homelessness in Europe - The Role of Street Counts in Paris, Athens, Milan and Budapest
Vanessa Benoit, FR : City Count in Paris
Théodora Papadimitrio, GR: City Count in Athens 
Zoltán Gurály, HU: Budapest City Count
Michela Braga and Paola Monti, IT: Milan City Count

Seminar 17: Migrants and Homelessness
Fabrizio Vittoria and Mauro Striano, BE: Social and Economic Integration of Homeless Mobile EU Citizens Through Specific Advice and Support Centres: Is this the Way Forward?
Dion Kramer, NL: ‘In Search of the Law’: Governing Homeless EU Citizens in a State of Legal Ambiguity

Seminar 18: Creating Coherent Responses to Homelessness
Maja Flato, NO: Why Homelessness?
Isobel Anderson and Christine Robinson, UK: Working Together – Assessing the Contribution of Inter-Organisational Working to Supporting the Re-Integration of Ex-Service Personnel