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The European Consensus Conference on Homelessness was an innovative policy process seeking to establish common understandings on fundamental questions about homelessness in order to provide a basis for future policy progress. It was an initiative of the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council, co-organised with the European Commission. FEANTSA (the European Federation of Organisations Working with the Homeless) co-ordinated the process and the French Government was a key partner. The conference took place on the 9th and 10th of December 2010 in Brussels.

Conference documents:

2009 Background Note Consensus Conference EN

Dec 2010 Consensus Conference Programme EN

Dec 2010 Expert Contributions Consensus Conference EN

Dec 2010 Homelessness and Homeless Policies in Europe: Lessons from Research EN

Dec 2010 Contribution of Homeless People (BAPN) EN


Jan 2011 Policy Recommendations of the Jury EN

Jan 2011 Policy Recommendations of the Jury NL

Jan 2011 Policy Recommendations of the Jury IT


Visibility: Photographs: See here for a photographs of the conference

Video: Watch a 30 minute film of the consensus conference here. Watch a short film the press conference where the jury presented their recommendations here

Press: Read an article about the jury's recommendations at Euractiv.com