European Journal of Homelessness: Volume 12, Issue 3 - 2018

List of articles

European Journal of Homelessness, Volume 12, Issue 3 - 2018 

Special Edition on Fidelity to the Housing First Model


Tim Aubry, Roberto Bernad and Ronni Greenwood: “A Multi-Country Study of the Fidelity of Housing First Programmes”: Introduction

Rachel M. Manning, Ronni Michelle Greenwood and Courtney Kirby: Building A Way Home: A Study of Fidelity to the Housing First Model in Dublin, Ireland

Jonathan Samosh, Jennifer Rae, Parastoo Jamshidi, Dhrasti Shah, Jean-Francois Martinbault and Tim Aubry: Fidelity Assessment of a Canadian Housing First Programme for People with Problematic Substance Use: Identifying Facilitators and Barriers to Fidelity

Roberto Bernad: Assessment of the Fidelity to the Housing First Principles of the HÁBITAT Programme

Jennifer Rae, Jonathan Samosh, Tim Aubry, Sam Tsemberis, Ayda Agha1 and Dhrasti Shah: What Helps and What Hinders Program Fidelity to Housing First: Pathways to Housing DC

Adela Boixadós, María Virginia Matulic, Francesc Guasch, Mercè Cardona and Ramon Noró: Fidelity Findings from the Arrels Foundation Housing First Programme in Barcelona, Spain

Pascale Estacahandy, Ayda Agha and Maryann Roebuck: Fidelity Study of the “Un chez-soi d’abord” Housing First Programmes in France

Marta Gaboardi, Massimo Santinello, Alice Stefanizzi, Marco Iazzolino: Assessing the Fidelity of Four Housing First Programmes in Italy

Teresa Duarte, Patrícia Costa and José Ornelas: Implementation of Housing First in Lisboa, Portugal: A Fidelity Study of the Casas Primeiro Programme

Coralie Buxant:The Challenge of Implementing the Housing First Model: How Belgium Tries to Connect Fidelity and Reality

Anne Bergljot Gimmestad Fjelnseth: A Mixed Method Study of the Fidelity of the Bergen Housing Programme in Norway to the Pathways to Housing Model

Conclusion article - Ronni Michelle Greenwood, Roberto Bernad, Tim Aubry and Ayda Agha: A Study of Programme Fidelity in European and North American Housing First Programmes: Findings, Adaptations, and Future Directions