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Social Innovation to Combat Homelessness: A Guide

Social innovation is an increasingly central area of policy and research in the context of the Europe 2020 strategy. This guide makes the case that homelessness is an important thematic priority for social innovation, and suggests areas of focus where social innovation can support the fight against homelessness in the EU. It argues that homeless service providers can be key actors in social innovation and makes recommendations as to how the sector can best be supported in developing, testing and scaling up innovations in order to combat homelessness and thus contribute towards progress on the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy.

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Social Innovation Guide 2012

Social Rental Agencies: An Innovative, Housing-Led Response to Homelessness

This Good Practice Briefing was drafted by Pascal De Decker of Sint-Lucas School of Architecture in co-operation with the FEANTSA office and the members of the FEANTSA Housing Working Group. The FEANTSA housing working group believes that ending homelessness requires developing, testing and scaling up a range of effective housing-led responses to homelessness. This report puts forward Social Rental Agencies (SRAs) as an example of a housing-led innovation in the area of homelessness. It demonstrates that the SRA model has considerable potential to help meet the housing needs of homeless people in Europe.

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Social Rental Agencies 2012

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