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"Generativity: manage it!" Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership responds to key questions faced by most third sector organisations: 

  • how to find suitable resources to turn ideas into projects
  • how to develop and write a proposal following Project Cycle Management (PCM) 
  • how to build up the necessary skills to successfully implement a project as a partnership

The project will answer the specific PCM needs of those who run daily interventions in the social field (homelessness, refugees, migrants, education, mental health, disability, training, equal opportunities). The principal objectives are to strengthen the quality of the competence in design and implementation of effective and sustainable social interventions by offering learning materials, the creation of collaborative empowerment and the acquisition of ICT and PCM skills.

Key outputs: Learning modules & online tutorials which will be available on the Generativity project platform.

The partnership is composed of high-level organizations, which are active at local, regional, national and European level and create together a multi-levelled integrated consortium: FEANTSA (BE), applicant organisation, Diciannove (IT), KEA (EL), Danmar Computers (PL), European Evaluation Company (UK), Cardet (CY), University of Thessaly (EL) Fiopsd (IT) and Fédération des acteurs de la solidarité (FR). 

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June 2017: 1st project milestone: Staff training on PCM

Laurent Mertens

From June 12th to 16th, project partners met in Greece for a 5-days joint staff training, hosted by our local project partner Kea. The training had two main aims: First, to present and discuss the Generativity learning modules among the partnership, collecting comments and feedback which will help shaping the final version. Second, the training event gave space for extensive knowledge sharing and exchange between the expert partners (Diciannove, Danmar, European Evaluation Company) and the other partner organizations (among them the FEANTSA members fioPSD and Fédération des acteurs de la solidarité).

During the next months, the partners will jointly work on the training modules. Their main focus will be on European funding and how Project Cycle Management can support the successful design, planning & implementation of European projects. The modules particularly target organizations that provide training to adults and youth as well as the wider social sector.

The training modules will be published on the Generativity platform in early December and disseminated through multiplier events in all project countries: Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Poland and the UK.