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European Journal of Homelessness: Volume 9, Issue 2 - 2015

List of Articles

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Cecilia Hansen Löfstrand: The Policing of a Homeless Shelter: Private Security Patrolling the Border of Eligibility

Katleen Van den Broeck & Kristof Heylen: Differential Treatments of Rental Home Seekers According to their Sociodemographic and Economic Status by Real Estate Agencies in Belgium

Eeva Kostiainen: Pathways through Homelessness in Helsinki

Marc Diebäcker, Yann Arhant & Roswitha Harner: Parenting within Homelessness: A Qualitative Study on the Situation of Homeless Fathers and Social Work in Homeless Support Services in Vienna

Magdalena Mostowska: Institutionalisation and Deformalisation: Reorganising Access to Service Provision for Homeless EU Migrants

Vassilis Arapoglou, Kostas Gounis & Dimitra Siatitsa: Revisiting the Concept of Shelterisation: Insights from Athens, Greece

Strategy Review

Ingrid Sahlin: Searching for a Homeless Strategy in Sweden

Research Review

Tim Aubry, John Ecker, Stephanie Yamin, Jonathan Jetté, John Sylvestre, Danielle Nolin & Hélène Albert: Findings from a Fidelity Assessment of a Housing First Programme in a Small Canadian City

Albert Sales: How Many Homeless People Live in Spain? Incomplete Sources and Impossible Predictions

Alison Smith: Can We Compare Homelessness across the Atlantic? A Comparative Study of Methods for Measuring Homelessness in North America and Europe

Think Pieces

Eoin Devereux: Thinking Outside the Charity Box: Media Coverage of Homelessness

Suzanne Fitzpatrick: Values, Faith and Homelessness - What Space for Atheism?

Katharina Schmidt: Seeing the 'Homeless City'? Some Critical Remarks on the Visual Production of Homelessness through Photography

Book Reviews

Joe Doherty: Nienke Boesveldt (2015) Planet Homelessness: Governance Arrangements in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Glasgow

Nicholas Pleace: Matthew D. Marr (2015) Better Must Come: Exiting Homelessness in Two Global Cities

Maja Flåto: Evelyn Dyb and Arne Holm (2015) Rus og bolig: Kartlegging av boligsituasjonen til personer med rusmiddelproblemer [Substance Use and Housing: Survey of Housing for People with Substance Abuse Problems]

Wayne Stanley: European Commission (2014) Study on Mobility, Migration and Destitution in the European Union

Mary Louise Corr: Naomi Nichols (2014) Youth Work: An Institutional Ethnography of Youth Homelessness